• University of Coimbra

    New project in Coimbra, Portugal, where Nebropath has equipped the facilities of the University of Coimbra.

  • Institute of pathology in Bayreuth

    New project in Bayreuth, Germany, where NEBROPATH GmbH has equipped  a large number of rooms at the Institute of pathology of the University hospital.

Nebropath GmbH

With many years of experience NEBROPATH GmbH manufactures and supplies equipment for mortuary facilities, forensic medicine, pathology labs and anatomy.
Thanks to high quality products and design flexibility, NEBROPATH GmbH has become a reliable partner, complying with hygiene and safety regulations.
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Our wide range of products provides effective solutions for pathology labs, dissecting rooms, autopsy rooms, anatomy examination rooms, section rooms, morticians and morgues.

Nebropath meet the highest hygiene requirements needed in laboratories with ergonomic and safe products.

Made of stainless steel of the highest quality. Resistant to environmental damage.

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