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N2-200 Mortuary chamber for 9 bodies

Unit made of stable, self-supporting 100 mm thick panels. Panels filled in with economic energy-saving insulation, made of polyurethane foam (CFC-free); connected by corrosion resistant fasteners within a tongue groove system which secures 100% insulation.

Inside cladding made of stainless steel. Outside cladding made of power-coated galvanized steel or stainless steel.

Door equipped with handle with lock and silicone gasket. Safety exit – handle mounted on the internal side of one of the door. Unit may be equipped with internal light activated with door opening. Electrical equipment allows water jetting, but not under high pressure. Degree of protection of internal electrical equipment: IP67.

Inbuilt storage system based on the frame construction with rollers for loading trays or coffins. System made of stainless steel.

Dimensions:  3200x2400x2200 mm (WxDxH)